Ubisoft, Square Enix, And.. Blockchain?

The two gaming giants are working to merge the worlds of gaming, blockchain and crypto.

Photo by Ralston Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Stem List on Unsplash


Back in 2018, Ubisoft, along with a few other blockchain-focused companies, banded together to create the Blockchain Game Alliance — their goal being to rally groups from both the blockchain and gaming industries to collaborate as they work to merge the two fields.

Square Enix

While Ubisoft is definitely leading the pack in terms of game developers pursuing blockchain integration in mainstream gaming, Square Enix doesn’t plan on getting left in the dust. With the company philosophy being “to spread happiness across the globe by providing unforgettable experiences,” Square is more than willing to push the boundaries and experiment with new tech that they feel their audience would resonate with.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

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